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Sometimes we can feel intimidated when opening the bible. It can feel so hard to understand and apply. Worse yet – it might even be boring!

One reason we feel so discouraged is that we’ve only ever read God’s word by ourselves. Of course, it’s great to commit to personal bible reading, but we must remember a key ingredient: reading the bible is also a community project. Here are 3 benefits of reading the bible with others:

  • We’re more likely to get it right

When we read the bible together, our assumptions and worldviews are
challenged. Hearing other’s views means we’re more likely to understand and apply the biblical author’s purpose, rather than our own.

  • We cultivate a character of humility

Reading the bible together allows us to learn from others’ insights: we are taught to listen well, think carefully, and respond humbly.

  • We encourage discipleship

Our questions and insights also benefit others. We can help each other to grow in knowledge and love for God’s word, and hold each other accountable to it.

So join a life group or find someone to read the bible with! Remember, you are not alone— we’re all in this together!