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Because life by default is not easy. So, no one’s life is easy. Everybody suffers. Christians, non-Christians, every single person experiences some form of suffering and trial that make life at times, unbearable.
I guarantee that the richest, most talented and spoilt among us suffer in ways we can’t imagine.

This doesn’t mean everybody suffers in the same way.  In actual fact, some people suffer immensely more than others.  Some people have suffered so greatly that I’m ashamed to label my suffering as true suffering. But it is nonetheless. To not acknowledge that everybody suffers is to misunderstand a basic truth about life and its nature.  Some people suffer more than others, but everybody suffers.

Because all people will inevitably experience trials and suffering then we must decide how we are going to live in the face of that unexplained, undeserved pain and loss. Thankfully, this is an issue that goes to the core of what it means to be a human being and so the Bible addresses it head on. God has experienced undeserved suffering and he promises to be with us and see us through all setbacks, losses and pain. Though trials and suffering are bad, God will make Jesus shine so brightly in our character through them. I hate that they still exist, but I’m very glad they can be turned on their head and that God’s purpose of love and redemption will never be stopped by them.