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The question of identity is a big one these days. Different people want to define themselves in different ways, sometimes without any regard for any kind of reality. The UK government is spending half a million pounds investigating the idea of “pregnant men”.

We all know that there is a difference between the person we think we are (or the person we want others to think we are), and the person God thinks we are (reality). Jesus addresses this question. His teaching for his followers is that we work on eliminating the gap between who we think we are (or who we want others to see us as) and the person we really are (who we are when no one is watching). In other words, making sure there’s no such thing as a fake you – the Instagram or Facebook or photoshopped you. His war on play-acting is a serious one, because he says that it has eternal consequences. It also impacts our life here and now. Deep down we long for authenticity, reality, honesty and openness in ourselves and our relationships with others.