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The two most important questions in life—Who is Jesus? When we have answered this question, then we can then ask ourselves, Who am I? All the questions we have of life are based on these two.

In Matthew 16, everyone wondered who Jesus was, what was He going to do, and who sent Him. Then Jesus asked the twelve disciples in verse 15, “But who do you say that I am?” That was the most important question for them and for us to answer. Once we understand that Jesus is more than a man, more than a prophet sent by God, it changes everything. That man is God Himself, in the flesh, who lived and died to pay for our sins on the cross for you and me!

When we understand this, the second question can be answered, not by us, but by asking Jesus. Who do You say that I am? Jesus tells us who He made us to be, always united with Him. God made us, knows us, and loves us.