For almost 149 years CrossCulture has been a Christ-centred Church. Recently we have been working on sharpening that focus and at our AGM adopted as our vision: Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Proclaim Christ.

What we want to pursue ourselves, and what we want to happen to people the Lord connects us with, is to know Christ, to grow in him and to proclaim him. To know Jesus is to know salvation forever. There is no other way to be forgiven and come into a relationship with God than through Christ. His death on the cross opened up the way.

The logical response to what God has done for us in Christ is to live the rest of our lives in gratitude to him for what he has done for us: To grow in Christ – becoming more like him, more passionate in serving and obeying him. Our vision is to be a growing mature body of followers of Jesus who reflect his perfection. We’re not there yet, but that is why we meet together – to encourage and help each other to grow in Him.

Because we believe that Christ is the only hope for the human race and that true fullness and freedom is found in a relationship with him, we are passionate about passing this good news on to others. Proclaim Christ is deep in the DNA of God’s church in every age and particularly for us. We long to see people that Jesus died for and who God connects us with here and around the world (through our Global Partners) come to Know Christ, Grow in Christ, and in turn Proclaim Christ.

There can be no greater privilege than fulfilling God’s purposes for us than giving ourselves to this mission. May God help us to do it well.