If you were offered an unlimited advertising budget, how would you use it? What would you communicate? If you had the chance to communicate one message, what would it be?

For Paul, there’s no doubt what it would be spent on. Promoting Christ. And more specifically, the cross – the death of Jesus in our place to bring us forgiveness and peace with God. He determines to boast in nothing else except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. He wants his world and ours to hear an uncluttered message, a clear message, the only one that they really need to hear in the end – that Jesus has died in their place to make them right with God, for now and for eternity.

Today we’re thinking about the centre of the Good News. It’s not just an academic question. It’s the thing that determines the living and being of every believer. The fact that Christ died for us changes everything: the way we treat people, the decisions we make, but most importantly, the message we passionately proclaim – the truly Good News.