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Welcome to our spiritual home! It’s the one we have here on earth, so it’s a bit temporary – we’re headed to our permanent home in the perfect new creation with Jesus. There are a few imperfections in this one – we’re still working on it (and God is still working on us!). But we would love for you to feel at home here. Let’s have a meal or a coffee together after the service. We’d love you to get to know the Head of the family if you don’t know Him already – He’s an amazing person who is way more loving than you can imagine (He gave up his life so we could be in his family).

And we’d love for you to join us in helping one another to grow more like Jesus. One of the best ways of doing this is in a Life Group, where we learn more about Jesus’ great plan for our lives and support one another in surviving the things life throws at us and thriving in growing like Jesus. Check out the possibilities with the friendly people at our info hub, or at

Enjoy your time with us!