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Does anyone like waiting? I’m sure that our tolerance for waiting is decreasing the more we create ways of getting things we want instantly.  As a kid, I used to go to the video store to hire a physical VHS tape and bring it home. If the video was already taken out by someone else then I had to hire another less popular movie or wait until they brought it back a few days later. Nowadays, if the movie has been made I watch it as soon as I click ‘play.’

Despite getting good at removing the need for queues, we still have to wait for a lot of things in life and waiting presents us with the desire to take a shortcut, to compromise, or to make someone else wait so that we don’t have to do the waiting ourselves.  People compromise on their integrity all the time to get what they want faster rather than taking the slow, long-term, godly pathway to good things.

The world is also full of people who regret the decisions they make to get what they want the wrong way. This is the choice then that you must make. Wait it out.  Whatever it is, trust God’s plans over your own. To get a good thing the wrong way will cause more trouble than we can foresee when we first make the plans to do it. Wait until it’s clear that the thing you long for can come about the right way. Wait for God.