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Using your difference

By February 24, 2017From The Heart

If you like cooking, chances are you don’t mind letting others eat part of the meal from time to time. If you’re good at administration, chances are you don’t mind organising the odd group outing or balancing a spreadsheet. If you’re good at teaching, chances are you don’t mind sharing what you know, with those who are keen to hear it. If you’re good at listening, chances are you don’t mind when someone comes to you simply needing a person to talk to.

If you’re trying to think of ways to serve others in the Church, you don’t have to start with the thing you hate most. In fact, chances are the best way for you to benefit others, may actually be something you already enjoy doing. Helping others may be as simple as inviting someone else to participate in the thing you love the most.

Contributing to the body of Christ is not limited to structured ministries. There are innumerable ways that we can love others using our particular gifts, skills and interests. We just have to open our eyes and hearts to the opportunities God constantly puts in front of us.

Of course, love requires us to do things we don’t enjoy as well so that someone else benefits. We certainly don’t want to deny that. But remember, God made you a particular way for a reason and now you’re a part of His body. The Holy Spirit made decisions about the sort of person you would be and no one else is quite like you. Why not use what you’ve been given to fulfil its proper purpose?