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It was early in primary school when a classmate saw that I didn’t have any food during the first break for the day. He regarded this as a serious problem and shared with me out of the abundance of snacks his parents sent him to school with. He felt it wasn’t fair that he had so much food and I didn’t have any. This innocent act is possibly one of my earliest memories of generosity.

Of course, generosity, giving and life itself become more complicated as we get older. Simple acts of generosity don’t appear quite so simple. Perhaps this is why Jesus encourages us to become like children in matters related to entering his kingdom (Mark 10:15).  Or we might think of the widow’s offering in Luke 21:1-4, arguably less than the larger gifts offered that day, but far more in Jesus’ eyes than anyone else gave.  Or consider Jesus himself, who left a heavenly kingdom to become flesh and dwell among selfish human beings, in order to make peace with them. He really has given everything for us. Perhaps, in following him, I can respond in simplicity, like a child, and share something with those who need it most.