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We’re beginning our series on Living in God’s Family today, as we dig into 1 John, a letter written by one of Jesus’ closest friends about 50 years after Jesus died and rose from the dead. It’s a great letter because it gives us the reflections of one of the first followers of Jesus, who is also an eye-witness to all that happened as God’s family was being formed.

He’s in no doubt that the core of this family, God’s church is fellowship with God and Jesus. Jesus is the foundation and the reason for being for his church. Fellowship, as well as describing the wonderful intimacy that exists between believers and their Saviour, also describes the partnership of working with God and one another to bring about God’s purposes. So fellowship is not just a feel-good journey to heaven, but an all-in partnership with God and each other to reach the lost and bring everything under the loving rule of Jesus. May God deepen our partnership with him and each other for his glory.