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Back in my home country, I have been to a small town that economically thrives on their leather goods, particularly they are the imitation of the luxury brands, such as Gucci, Channel, YSL…etc. So, obviously people go there to buy the ‘branded’ products, including me. I thought why should I pay full price to get the genuine wallets or bags if I can get the similar-looking ones at a fraction of that price? However, what if the product is for my health? Suppose I suffer from a particular illness. How far would I go to make sure I get the genuine medication? Now, what if it is life and death situation? I think I would pay as much as I need to, wouldn’t you?

In Galatians 2, Paul is explaining to the Galatians how far he had gone in the past to ensure that the gospel that he proclaimed is not the cheap or perverted imitation of the real one. He assured the Galatians that the truth of the gospel has been preserved for them (v5). So, by implication, we can have the confidence that the good news that we read in the Bible and believe is the real good news.