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We often translate the word gospel as ‘good news’. But in the time of Jesus, it simply meant ‘news’. There’s a good reason for this. If you believe it and obey it, it’s incredibly good news. The exchange of our guilt and sin for Jesus’ perfect goodness and righteousness is a fantastic  and undeserved thing that has brought joy and hope to billions. That’s the good news.

But it’s also bad news, especially if you don’t believe it. It tells us that we will pay for our own sins forever if we don’t trust in what Jesus did for us on the cross. Our declaration of our autonomy from God and his wise guidance is such a serious thing. The bad news is that if we are to return to God and be forgiven we must repent of going our own way (as Jesus called on everyone to do). We must set about demolishing the idol of self and turn in humility to the true God.

What have you done with this news? Is it still bad news for you, or good news?