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Tell People the Truth.

By March 31, 2017From The Heart

We want the good news of Jesus Christ to be the clearest message that our church communicates. We want it to be clear because it’s the most important message we can communicate. Nothing else is as important as the truth about Jesus.

People can only get to God through Jesus. People must believe in Jesus Christ if they are to receive forgiveness for their sin, avoid the judgment of God and come back to life again after they die. People can only believe in Jesus if someone tells them about Jesus and what he did for them by being crucified. In light of all this, we have to share the Gospel and do it with actual words.

Today’s passage reminds us that if a church ceases to be focused on communicating the Gospel then that church will quickly cease to be about Jesus. It may use the name Jesus, but they can’t possibly be about Jesus if they are not interested in sharing the good news about his death and resurrection with other people. This, of course, challenges us to pursue that focus as much as any other church.

You can slap the label of a popular brand on all kinds of products, but that doesn’t necessarily make them genuine. Real churches care about the real Jesus and love other people. Because of that they share the real truth about the pathway to God that all people must take.