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“Once I was blind, but now I see”, (John 9:25). These are the words of the man born blind who was healed by Jesus. Yet, this healing was the beginning of a journey to faith. We all begin life spiritually blind, a prisoner to the evil one. We are captivated by the things of this world; slaves to sin, our desires are for ourselves. Our eyes are blinded to the things of God.

But when God comes to us and we let Him into our hearts, our eyes are opened. God is so good and gives us a way to see clearly, beyond this world to the life to come. Left to ourselves, we would be spiritually blind and without hope. But Jesus is the light of the world and He is the one who opens our eyes. When your spiritual eyes are opened, you never want to go back. Let us continue to know God more, to obey Him and to serve others.