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I’m sure many of us have struggled with this thought, “Nothing lasts forever, so is there really any point to working so hard to achieve my goals? Isn’t it all a bit meaningless?”  King Solomon struggled with this issue and deals with it heavily in the book of Ecclesiastes – life is temporary and so we face the problem and possibility of our work not continuing into the future. We can’t guarantee that what we achieve will continue beyond our lives.

Yet, despite this, the Bible tells us that whatever we do, we should do it with all our being as if we’re doing it for Jesus. Daniel also sets about being the best governor he can be even while knowing that the Babylonian Kingdom was doomed. Perhaps our knowledge of the coming of the Kingdom of God is not a reason to put down our best efforts, but rather to pick them up and work at them. Like how the exiles in Babylon were told to “seek the welfare of the city” in Jeremiah 29:7, the Christian is to live out the values of the Kingdom of God even while we wait for its full arrival. Some things can last forever and as we seek the welfare of the city we live in, the impact of our actions may impact eternity.