We have each been given varying gifts, skills and passion that we can use to serve God and our community. We have many ministries at CrossCulture for you to get involved in and it is our hope that you will volunteer and make a difference – for His kingdom’s sake. Are you ready?

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Our Ministries

Know Christ
  • Alpha Course
    We aim to explore the Gospel in a gentle and respectful manner while forming lifelong friendships in the process.
  • English Corner
    We want to share Christ with people from many nations through English conversation classes and fellowship with other believers.
  • iHub
    We want to provide information to first-time visitors and all regular attendees after each service at our info hub.
  • Open Chapel
    We want to make Christ known in the city of Melbourne through opening the chapel door and interacting with passersby and seekers.
  • Japanese
    We want to support Japanese people living in Melbourne through English classes, gatherings and personal coaching, and introducing them to the Bible.
  • Welcome
    We want to be the dedicated spiritual and social connection for newcomers to belong into our church community.
Grow in Christ
  • Discipleship
    We seek to cultivate a culture of discipling and helping one another grow in Christ in intentional and accountable relationships.
  • Caring Together
    We aim to nurture and grow our understanding and practical help of one another through workshops, praying with people and providing help in crises.
Proclaim Christ
  • RoundTable
    We are an apologetic and fellowship ministry that seeks to encourage believers to discover truth, one question at a time.
  • World Mission
    We aim to proclaim Christ by equipping, empowering and releasing members to partner with God in what He is doing globally and locally.
Support Ministries
  • Creative Ministries (Music | AV | Video)
    We want to bring the message of Christ to the city of Melbourne and the world through music, creative arts, communication and technology.
  • Finance
    We want to ensure the wise and skilful use of the financial resources God has given us to grow His kingdom.

Our Demographics

We want to provide a safe and loving environment where children are encouraged to know, love and serve Jesus.

We want to help our teenagers know, grow and proclaim Christ, whilst also developing community and friendships between others of a similar age.

We want to see students being transformed by the Gospel, equipped in the Word and living a purposeful life as the salt and light in their sphere of influence.

We want to foster a community of young adults that truly seek God and pursue godliness through prayer and discipleship.

Young Family
We seek to empower parents to be the primary disciple makers of their children, guiding them to know and grow in Christ.

We want to equip and support people as they build strong marriages and families that grow in Christ together.

Women of Grace
We aim to teach, equip, grow and encourage women through every season of life, connecting women to each other and to God.

Men’s Ministry
We want to build an authentic community among men in this church and to grow together into Christ-likeness.

Are you ready to team up and build up?

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