What is RoundTable?

RoundTable is an apologetic ministry that creates opportunities to engage with challenging topics about Christianity and life.

We aim to encourage participants to grow in their personal faith and equip them to engage with others on challenging topics. We organise events with a guest speaker who will give a talk on a chosen topic, such as:

  • Is the Old Testament still relevant today?
  • Creation: Handling the Creation
  • Evolution conflict Spiritual Warfare

After the talk, there is a Question & Answer session with the guest speaker and an opportunity for further discussion.

Who is RoundTable for?

RoundTable is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Christian perspective on key topics.

When does RoundTable meet?

We host events on a Wednesday evening approximately 5-6 times a year. Follow us on Facebook to find out when our next event is on. Our events are held in person at CrossCulture.

How do I join?

RoundTable events are free and do not require registration. Check out our YouTube playlist for recorded talks from previous RoundTable.

RoundTable: Discovering truth. One question at a time.

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