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What does righteousness mean in the bible? We often define human righteousness as acting in an upright moral way all the time, according to society’s accepted moral standards (which change over time).

But the bible’s definition of righteousness is very different. It is God’s own perfection, God’s unchanging standards, carried out perfectly in our every thought, attitude, behaviour, and word we speak.

This true and perfect righteousness is something that no human being can attain to, it’s an impossible standard for us, but God has made a way. Not by human effort, not by having our good deeds weighted against our bad deeds and getting a pass mark. We can have the perfect righteousness of Jesus accounted to us, as our righteousness. We do this by putting our belief in Him, by faith we trust that His death on the cross has paid the penalty for our sins.

So as we read in the Bible, Abraham believed the Lord, and He counted it to him as righteousness.