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    Watch past Caring Together seminars and access general resources to learn different ways to support yourself and your loved ones through the ups and downs of life. Our team is always here to assist so you can also contact us.

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Sermon Resources

Judges: Flawed Heroes

May – July 2024

Browse CrossCulture sermon series and study guides throughout the years.

Ephesians: Grace Changes Everything

September 2022 – October 2023

Statement of Faith: Part 3

June – July 2023

Kingdom: An Old Testament Overview

May – June 2023 (external resources)

Our Srategic Plan

March 2023

Ezekiel: Visions of Glory

September – October 2022

Proclaiming Jesus

April – May 2022

Spiritual Gifts

March 2022

2 Thessalonians: Stand Firm

November – December 2021

Statement of Faith

September – October 2021

Lamentations: Lessons from Loss

June – July 2021

Making Disciples

May – June 2021

The God of Jacob: Grace in the Mess

October – December 2020

Created for Relationship

September – October 2020

Living in God’s Family

May – June / August – September 2020

In The Face Of Suffering

June – July 2020

Gospel Impact

March – April 2020

A Radical Life

January – February 2020

Caring for one another

November – December 2019

Faith in a Divided World

August – November 2019

Honest Questions About The Bible

July – August 2019

The Real Good News

May – July 2019

Who am I in Christ

March – April 2019


10 March 2019

Encounters with Jesus

January – February 2019

Return to God

October – December 2018

This is how we love

July – September 2018

Blessed to be a blessing

June – July 2018

Growing in Love: 1 Thessalonians

January – February 2018

Should God Forgive?: Jonah

November – December 2017

True Love: 10 Commandments

July – October 2017

What Would You Ask God?

Study Guide: January – February 2017

Living What You Believe

Study Guide: October – December 2016

Wisdom For Living

Study Guide: August – October 2016

Together: Membership

Study Guide: July 2016

The Gospel of Mark

Study Guide: Summer 2016

1 Corinthians 8-11

Study Guide: January 2016

Revelation Series

Study Guide: October 2015

Hosea Series

Study Guide: July 2015

1 Corinthians 1-7

Study Guide: May 2015

Know, Grow, Proclaim

Study Guide: March 2015

Genesis 37-50 (Joseph)

Study Guide: Summer 2015

Isaiah Series

Study Guide: Winter 2014

Philippians Series

Study Guide: Summer 2014