One of the deepest needs we have as human beings is to be significant to someone else: to be remembered. Isn’t it encouraging when you meet someone you have known in the past and they remember not only your name, but who you really are?

But the reality is that within a few generations, not many of us are remembered (who can remember the names of their great-grandparents?). The cry of the dying thief who is crucified with Jesus “Remember me..” is not just the hope of one human being to be remembered by another. This is the fallen creature crying for help from the Creator, the rebellious subject pleading with the King, the sinner seeking the Saviour.

It’s a plea that is answered in the best way possible. “Today you will be with me in paradise”. It’s a real promise, because that very day, as He too dies on a cross, Jesus makes the sacrifice that opens the gate of heaven to rebellious sinners. What wonderful assurance the dying robber is given, that he is remembered by the Lord, King and Saviour of the world, from that day on. To be known and remembered by God is the greatest thing, and all that we need in the end.