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In “Avengers: Infinity War”, there is an interesting episode between Thanos and his daughter Gamora. (If you have not watched it, go and watch it!). Long story short (spoiler alert!), Thanos has to connect all the infinity stones to be the strongest person in the whole universe. In order to get the Soul stone, Thanos has to sacrifice the very thing that he loves. To our surprise, Thanos pushed Gamora down the cliff as the sacrifice. Alas, he acquired the Soul stone.

At the ending scene, we see Thanos in an empty orange realm. There, he’s confronted by Gamora as a child, who asks him what his crusade cost. Thanos answers heavily, “Everything,” which refers to Gamora herself.

Of course, God is not like Thanos in many ways. However, one thing that is similar here is that God’s grand plan for human beings costs him His One and Only Son. I believe if you asked God the Father what his ‘crusade’ cost, he would answer the same way: “Everything.” That’s real love.

This Christmas, let this truth sink in. Christmas is about God giving us His everything so that we can get the ultimate blessing of salvation.