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Jesus is Lord is one of the most significant statements that can be made. It was the first “creed” of Christians (as in a foundational, game-changer statement). Being saved by Jesus and living under his rule and direction changes everything. Especially our relationships. With God, with others, with God’s world.

In his famous Sermon on the Mount Jesus focuses a lot on how being in his kingdom changes our relationships with one another. The bottom line is that we are to actively seek the good of each other. The famous Golden Rule as it came from Jesus is radically different from other sayings like this that came before. They were directed at avoiding harm to others. What Jesus says is not “don’t do” but “do”. So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them (Matt 7:12). This is a whole new level of relationship where the follower of Jesus actively seeks the good of others. Does acts that are good for them, says things that are for their benefit, thinks thoughts about them that are helpful. What a challenge!

May our King (who showed us how to do this and died so that we could be like him) give us the grace to live and be like this.