If you have had the opportunity of riding a bicycle, you would know the pleasure of travelling from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ on a frame suspended by two wheels, with wind on your face and the swift changing scenery on your mind. If so, you would also be familiar with the concept that your bike will tend to roll towards the direction that your eyes and head follow and that there are dangerous consequences for misplacing your attention away from the road. The Sermon on the mount is perhaps one of the most important sermons ever preached and its teachings and principles on the kingdom of God are something that us Christians ought to regularly come back to. In today’s passage Jesus teaches his disciples that they are to keep their eyes and heads focused towards his kingdom as they travel in life and that a misplaced ambition can have dangerous consequences. There is no room for other ambition in the life of a disciple than the treasure of the kingdom of heaven.