If you are a follower of Christ, you know, and perhaps you’ve been told many times that you need to proclaim the gospel. Apostle Paul says in Romans 1:16-17 that he is not ashamed of the gospel ‘for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes’ and in it ‘the righteousness of God is revealed.’ However, if you are like the majority of Christians, chances are you don’t really share the gospel all that often. Why do you think that is? “I don’t have time?” “I don’t know what to say?” “I don’t have the gift?” “I am tired” or “Yeah, I need to get to it” (although you know that you probably won’t). With humility, I’d say that they are not really good reasons. I think they are simply excuses. Don’t get me wrong. I use those ‘excuses’ too from time to time. So, I am very much included here.

However, apart from those things, I think there are two valid reasons why we don’t make it a habit of sharing the gospel. To put it simply, we are afraid to offend someone and we are afraid of being rejected, ostracised, or persecuted. However, when I say ‘valid’, I don’t mean they should stop you from evangelising. I say ‘valid’ because those two things are true. They are exactly what the gospel does and the gospel invites. The gospel confronts society and it invites persecution. It is no wonder we are scared. The Bible does not sugarcoat these facts at all. If anything, Jesus actually promised that if we follow Christ faithfully—which means we will proclaim the gospel wholeheartedly—we will be persecuted. Denying ourselves and taking up the cross are part and parcel of our discipleship. However, what should give us confidence is this: God’s presence will be there with us in the midst of persecution, and our response to persecution might be the very thing that gives credibility to our faith and our gospel proclamation. One more thing, God may be pleased to save some through our proclamation of the gospel. So, those two reasons are valid. But get on with it anyway!