My wife and I have a very good Singaporean friend. She is very kind and generous, and she always wins at one particular ‘sporting’ event—paying for the meal. Almost every time we eat with her, she would beat us to the cashier and pay for our meal. Even if we arrive at the cashier first, she still would use her persuasion and well-thought-through tactics to make sure our meal is paid for. The only way to win against her is to give the cashier our credit card even before we have that meal!

When the Apostle Paul told the Roman Christians in Romans 12:10: “Outdo one another in showing honour,” what he literally said was “when it comes to honour, go before others!” or “with regards to showing honour, lead the way!” In a way, it’s the same as what we and our friend always try to do for one another. But this is with regards to honour, not paying for meals. Paul is saying that when it comes to valuing other people, don’t wait for them to honour you first. You do that to them first!