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Welcome to CrossCulture Open House! We’re so glad you could come today and hope that your time with us is inspiring and encouraging. We hope we can give you some idea of what goes on here and why we’ve been here for the last 154 years. We’d love you to stay around to enjoy some food, friendship and fun after the service!

We aim to be open-hearted to everyone who comes, not just every Sunday but throughout the week too – to the many people who come through our doors. We hope you will find open-hearted friendship here today and whenever you choose to come.

The reason we want to be open in these ways is because the God we love and serve is like that. He’s keen for us all to get to know him – so much so that he came to visit planet earth, in the person of Jesus. Jesus ‘went about doing good’ the record says, and finally did the ultimate good of sacrificing himself to open the door to relationship with God for eternity. That’s worth celebrating!

Enjoy our 154th birthday party!