EP | 2019 | Online

The Gardener

EP | 2018 | Online & physical CD

Based in the heart of Melbourne CBD, CrossCulture is a church that loves Jesus and wants to use our creativity to express it. Bringing a range of song-writers, lyricists and musicians together, our music reflects the diversity and unity of our congregation.

The city of Melbourne, with its characteristic quaint alleyways, street-art, coffee and progressive culture shapes the minimalistic production, tasteful presentation and forward-moving instrumental arrangement. CrossCulture’s style is in step with its community and looks to include genres on the edge and margins of what is typically branded “christian” music.

Finding a voice that is multi-coloured and organic, our artists are real members of our church whose message highlights the desire to love God and love all human beings who are made in his image and reflection. If you’re blessed by the music and messages captured in our album and EP recordings, support us by downloading our music.