We encourage everyone to be part of a Life Group, where we can support and build one another up as we study God’s word.


Join A Life Group

Or, visit iHub after the Sunday services.

Being in a life group means I have a group of people who can pray for me intelligently and personally. It means I can rejoice with others when prayers are answered. It means I can appreciate the wisdom that God gives to each individual, revealing different insights and perspectives into a passage and into my Christian walk. It means I am connected. It means I am accountable. It means I consider the word not just in a lecture but also more actively in a tutorial, throwing ideas around. It means I am part of an "immediate" family, and then we gather together with the "extended" family on Sundays. It means I can be involved with a passage more deeply, exercising muscles of the mind and heart - intellectually and in terms of how to apply it. It means I am led by people who know my walk well.


Being in a life group has been life changing and really helped me in my walk with God. It's amazing and encouraging to fellowship with other believers and listen to the experiences and thoughts of others. Being in a life group is having a family within a family. People you can trust and laugh, cry, sing, shout and most importantly praise God with.


Second family away from home.


My life group is essentially my Christian family, a forum in which I am able to share my understanding of God's word as well as have it refined by the sharing of others. It is further an opportunity to remain intimately connected with the church outside of the Sunday service and seek help and assistance on obstacles that hinder my progress in the ways of Christ at the same time seeking to assist my other brothers and sisters with prayer and ministry.

Michael (Pilgrims)