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Life With No Regrets

By December 21, 2016December 31st, 2016From The Heart

May all of you have a wonderful 2017, filled with God’s joy and grace for you. May the Lord lead and guide you through 2017. May God bless you this year, but most importantly, as you may also go through difficult times, remember it is also God’s purpose for you. Be wise and use every circumstance for His glory.

What are you taking into 2017? What baggage are you carrying with you from the past?
A group of students from a university in New York decided to do an experiment. In the middle of New York City, they set up a chalk board and written at the top, they asked – “Write your biggest regret”. The board attracted many people walking by, and was soon filled, and refilled to overflowing. These were the most common regrets:

Burning bridges
Not speaking up
Not being a good husband
Not spending enough time with family
Staying in my comfort zone
Not saying “I love you” enough
Not making the most of every day
Not being a better friend

What do you notice about this list? Most answers involve the word “not”. They were about chances not taken, words not spoken, dreams never pursued.

But Jesus has given us a clean slate from our past. All our sins have been forgiven. Not just the sins of the past, but any sins you are yet to commit—they are all made clean, with the precious blood of Jesus.