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If you read through facebook and other social media platforms a common theme arises that goes beyond mere posts about what we had for breakfast. People are constantly pursuing justice through social media.  Think about it, whether it’s political posts, rants about the guy that stole your seat on the tram or even highlighting some abuse by powerful people, justice – what’s right and what’s wrong – is a constant discussion online.

A question that has come out of these online discussions is the question of atonement, though perhaps people will not use that word. An article recently asked the question, “Are high profile celebrities and politicians who have admitted guilt to abuse accusations against them ever allowed to come back to the public spotlight?” This is a great question and I don’t know the answer, but one thing is certain: justice, atonement and forgiveness are and always will be at the center of our lives no matter how secular the surroundings become.  Jesus’ death on the cross then speaks just as loud as ever before. Justice and forgiveness both find a meeting place in Christ’s death and resurrection and if we are truly honest with ourselves, justice and forgiveness are two things we are all searching for.