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Is faith in God a blind faith, based on no facts or reason at all? Certainly not! Faith has never been defined that way. Faith in God is sensible, verifiable and reasoned. As it says in Acts 18:4, Paul reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath, and tried to persuade Jews and Greeks.

Faith is required to believe in God and is also required in everyday life. When you go to the doctor for treatment, you put your faith in them. You don’t know in advance that they will be able to cure you. You put your faith in the doctor and that is not blind faith. You trust in their training, experience and the fact that they have successfully treated others before. But if you just go and ask a random person on the street to treat you, and trust that they will cure you, then that would be blind faith.

The story of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection is based on factual historical information, eye witness accounts and intellectual reasoning. Never forget that. Our faith is reasoned faith.