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The prevalent view out there is that Christianity is intolerant. It stems from the exclusive claims that our God is the only one true God and that Jesus is the only way for salvation. Therefore, the supreme virtue these days is the virtue of tolerance where everyone must embrace each other and no one is allowed to judge others as wrong.

However, this raises a few questions. Is Christianity the only worldview that is exclusive? Does having an exclusive worldview necessarily mean that one is intolerant toward others? What is tolerance anyway?

If we investigate honestly, we will find that all worldviews are actually exclusive. They are exclusive in the sense that they would deem other worldviews that are opposing to their worldview as unacceptable. Even those who claim that all religions are the same are actually exclusive, because they will claim those who disagree with them as unacceptable. However, having an exclusive worldview and being intolerant toward others are not necessarily together. It really depends on what the worldview actually teaches and it also depends on the person having the worldview himself or herself.

Furthermore, the definition of tolerance has changed in the past few decades. So, it is worth looking again at what we mean by tolerance before we answer the question whether or not Christianity, or any other worldview for that matter, is tolerant.