Many people believe that identity is closely bound up with purpose. A sense of who we are closely follows having a sense of purpose. Sometimes you hear people say “I’ve found the reason why I was born” when they engage in something that gives them a deep purpose and meaning, like helping someone in need, or filling some great need in society.

How does this work out for the believer in Jesus? Who am I in Christ, and what did God create me for? The answer that’s consistently given in Ephesians 1, is “for the praise of His glory” (v6, 12, 14).  As the old Catechism puts it: “Our chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”.

Recently I was speaking with someone who had just lost someone close and they said to me, “It’s painful losing him, but he’s now doing perfectly what he was made for – praising and glorifying God forever. He’s fulfilling his purpose completely”.

What a purpose! Let’s do it as much as we can now.