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Why Guilt is Good?

Our 21st century society deals with the problem of guilt by telling us we do not need to worry about it. We have learnt to accept that feeling guilty is a bad thing, because it doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves. When our conscience condemns us, we tell it to take a hike; we do not want to feel guilty. We put it to one side and say forget it, let’s move on. Rather than being ashamed of our sins, we celebrate them because we think we are being true to ourselves.

We should be thankful for proper feelings of guilt because they drive us to God’s forgiveness. His forgiveness leads to repentance to turn away fully from the sins in our lives. As Christians we will still sin and feel guilty; the accuser makes sure of that. However our response should be to confess to God, ask for forgiveness from the ones we hurt and repent again. Guilt should always drive us back to God’s loving, gracious, and total forgiveness.