One of the mind-blowing things about following Jesus is that you find out that God had you in mind to be in His family long before you even thought about it. Long before you even existed. Long before you did anything wrong, and needed forgiving. Before the world came into being.

This is such a great blessing at an individual level. It gives us some insight into the extent of God’s love toward us. It’s timeless, and it’s secure. Our identity is not based on the fickleness of our looks or our ethnicity, our opinions, even whether or not our friends and family like us. It’s based on the sure foundation of the unchanging love and mercy of God in Christ.

At a community level, it means that God’s family, the church, the body of Christ, is not some sort of stop-gap afterthought that God had when His people went off the rails. It was His plan all along, from the very beginning of time. And His sure and certain plan is that His people will be with Him for eternity future.

How blessed we are to be part of this! Let’s live out this great destiny to the praise of His glorious grace.