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Can you recall one knowledge that changes your life significantly? One truth that changes the whole trajectory of your life? Well, I can.

I had finished my undergraduate study in Indonesia. I did what almost everyone would have done. I found a job. I worked as a lecturer in the same faculty I did my undergraduate in. I was already working for about half a year before my dad suddenly asked me this question, “Have you ever thought of studying abroad?”

My reply was, “Really? I can?” Well, truth be told, I never thought that the option was available at all. But that day, everything changed. That one knowledge has changed the whole trajectory of my life.

What about you? Maybe it was when you realised that you are lactose intolerant. Maybe it was when your mom told you that she had enrolled you for piano lessons. Or maybe it was when you realised that cats can carry Toxoplasma Gondii, a parasite that causes birth defects, miscarriages and death in people with weakened immune system? You’re welcome!

In today’s passage, Paul begins with this: “We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about…” He is about to tell them one truth, one knowledge that will change their lives significantly. This truth will affect the way they live and even the way they die. And this truth is concerning the return of Jesus.

The Thessalonians have some incorrect understandings of the return of Jesus, and Paul is correcting them and teaching them so that they know how they should live in light of the return of Jesus. Why don’t you read it for yourself? Who knows…Your life might change too. :)