Helping One Another Know, Grow & Proclaim Christ

By March 7, 2019 From The Heart

Helping others is a wonderful thing to be doing. It’s the second greatest commandment, according to Jesus (“love your neighbour as yourself” Matthew 22:39). It’s no surprise that researchers find that people who help others report that their life is happier and has greater meaning than for those who are less altruistic. It makes sense – after all, we’re made in the image of God, who at the deepest level in the relationships within the Trinity, is other-centred. Jesus said “It’s more blessed to give than to receive”.

The most enduring and eternal form of helping others is to help them to find out how they can come to know God. How through knowing Christ, the one who died for them, they can be forgiven for their sins and have peace with God forever. The best (but not the only) way we can love our friends and family is to help them know Christ, grow in him and tell others about him. Let’s pass on the blessings of the good news that we have received. Let’s keep on doing it, together and individually.