What a wonderful privilege it is to have children and nurture them; and an even greater privilege to show them what it’s like to follow Jesus. It’s not as easy as it sounds, as any parent knows. To guide your children well, discipline them in good and godly ways whilst all the time letting them know that they are deeply and unconditionally loved is a hard path to walk.

Jesus shows the way, even though he never married or had any children. His best friend summed up his life as “full of grace and truth”. He never shied away from the idea that our lives are far from perfect and we need to turn from going our own way and receive God’s forgiveness – He frequently challenged people with this truth. But He was also full of grace – the undeserved favour of God. He lived it, and died so we could receive it and experience it. Because of Him, God has lavished His grace on us.

Mums and dads, and every follower of Jesus have the awesome opportunity to live this out and share it with others, especially the next generation. May God give us the grace to do it every day.