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I hope you’ve all been able to adjust to the new COVID-19 environment. It has affected all communities around the world like nothing else ever has.

What is God doing? This is a question many are asking. I don’t have the answer, but I do know how He wants us to respond. We are to be examples to others by following all the guidelines the government has given to help keep everyone safe. So many Christian medical workers have emphasised this to us.

We are also to support and love our friends and neighbours with practical help. For example, we can call and chat with the vulnerable people amongst us, do shopping for a neighbour, offer help to those home-schooling their children, and much more! If we as a Christian community live this way during a time of crisis, it will impact the world with the gospel.

Only God can save the world, and He chose to do that through His people. Look back to Jesus’ death for us on the cross and remember that we no longer live for ourselves. Then look forward to His return when He will make us perfect as He is. The gospel is true, and it starts at home!