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Good Things Coming To An End

By July 4, 2016From The Heart

And Jesus said to him, “Do you see these great buildings? There will not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down.” – Mark 13:2

Jesus points out to his disciples that despite their admiration of the Temple, such a ‘great’ building would not last, eventually being destroyed.  What he didn’t do though, was encourage them to do the destroying.  Instead, they were to focus on the task he’d set aside for them to do – preach the Gospel.  Jesus did not deny that the temple was a ‘great’ building.  Neither did he say it was worthless.  What he points out is its impermanence.  The Temple will come to an end.

It’s the impermanence, not the worthlessness, of creation that frees the Christian to focus on things above.  Disciples of Jesus get this wrong when they spend their time trying to convince people of the worthlessness of the material world, rather than demonstrating its impermanence.   In fact, the creation is good and still plays a part in the lives of followers of Christ.  How we treat the things God regards as good says something about our view of Him, even if those things will not last.

The disciples did not regard the Temple as worthless, even when aware it would not last and neither should we.  Instead, they were encouraged to invest themselves in the things of God in the face of good things coming to an end.