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The rise of programs and mobile applications trying to help us be more ‘mindful,’ ‘calm,’ or at ‘peace’ is an indicator that people are looking for remedies to quell their anxiety. The digital age aggravates our natural tendency to be anxious by giving us unlimited options to pursue and limitless comparisons to make as we flick through the highlights of other people’s lives.

In all the changing remedies that the digital world offers, some simple qualities about being human seem to stay the same. One of those is our unrelenting desire to find peace and the different things we do to try to find it.  I wonder if the desire for peace could summarise most actions we take as individuals?  I won’t be at peace until I finish Uni and enter the workforce. I won’t be at peace until I find someone to marry or buy my own place, or have a family, build my business, release my artwork, change the social system, or see another person join my cause.

Actually, to pursue peace is in no way a bad thing. We were made to have peace. But not everything we pursue will get us real peace. Jesus offers another way and a different kind of peace. For centuries people have testified that following him has brought them peace.  Will you consider what he’s got to say about this age-old problem?