52nd Global Missions Convention

CrossCulture has been partnering with many Global Partners and missionaries throughout the years. We hold an annual Global Mission Convention each year to inform you of what God is doing in the world, inspire you to be part of His plan for the nations, and involve you to be part of the action in reaching the unreached.

We hope that you can take part in this week-long convention as we envision how we can do mission beyond barriers.

Speaker: Tim Silberman

Tim Silberman has been serving on faculty at Sydney Missionary and Bible College for the last 16 years. He teaches in the areas of mission and evangelism, and he loves seeing people grow in their involvement in God’s global purposes. His research interests are in the areas of leadership development and local church involvement in mission.

He’s married to Peggy, and they have three teenage children. He loves spending time with his family, exploring new places and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Our target this year is $80,000.

This is a one-off gift to our Global Partners to express our appreciation and love for their dedication and commitment for the cause of the Kingdom. Donate via PayPal button below, or you can also make a transfer to our Missions Account with the reference “LoveGift”. We are so thankful for your contribution.

Our target this year is $8500 per week.

This is an amount you prayerfully promise to give by faith weekly, monthly or annually, throughout the coming year for the support of our Global Partners.

2023 Program

Take a look at our program schedule below and let’s get involved!

Sunday, 30 April

10am (English)
Global Mission (John 20:19-23)
10.45am (中文崇拜)
普世使命 (约翰福音20:19~23)
5.30pm (English)
Courageous Mission (Philippians 2:12-30)

GP Workshops are 50-minute sessions with our global partners and/or invited church friends, grappling with real mission issues.

12pm | Price Hall
Greg & Shireen Seymour
God's call - Overcoming the barriers

Is God calling you to serve Him on the mission field?  What is holding you back?  Fear of losing your career?  Concern for your children’s education?  Parental objections?  Or even fear of relying on others for financial support?  In this consultation we will think together about how God can help us overcome barriers to serving Him.

1pm | Price Hall
John Hoh
Is God calling for me?

This workshop explores case studies which bring out crucial practical considerations and issues we need to grapple in considering mission work. Whether you are single, married or an empty nester this workshop will stir you into being an active world Christian ready to engage in world missions.

12pm | Chapel Hall
Fiona Briers
Crossing cultural barriers is complex! Can we be effective?
1pm | Chapel Hall
Fiona Briers
Crossing cultural barriers is complex! Can we be effective?

Every society has “culture”. We grow up in a culture, our life and routines are familiar and comfortable. But what happens when God calls us into a new and unfamiliar culture for His kingdom’s purposes? What can we expect? How can we be effective witnesses for Him?

Come and get a taste of some of the challenges and joys that we do and will face –  and also a few basic strategies to help us learn.

12pm | Studio277
Tim Cross
Be a booster: Helping others over their barriers
1pm | Studio277
Tim Cross
Be a booster: Helping others over their barriers

The journey into deeper mission involvement has many barriers, but God has a way over each one: and it could be you. Come and explore the ways you can help others become effective global witnesses.

12pm | Auditorium
John Barclay
GOD is calling me to serve cross culturally – BUT what about my children?
1pm | Auditorium
John Barclay
GOD is calling me to serve cross culturally – BUT what about my children?

Historically little consideration was given to the place of Missionary Kids (MKs) in mission. Since the 1990s there have been positive changes and improvements in the care of MKs, but has the pendulum swung too far the other way? Are we too protective of MKs today? Is there a balanced position?

12.30pm | Chapel
Luba Yeoh
酸甜苦辣 Ups and downs

酸甜苦辣 跨文化植堂都涉及到什么? 如何在完全不同的文化中建造教 会? 祷告对于宣教士以及植堂工 作有什么影响? 一场趣味桌游会 带你体验植堂工作的苦与甜。

This workshop will be conducted in Mandarin.

We also have GP Workshops after our evening service. Please select a tab to see more details.

7pm | Price Hall
Calvin & Joyce Ma
But I can’t be a missionary!

Join this workshop to:

  • Understand why the Great Commission is still not completed.
  • Recognise and identify the misunderstandings about missions,  excuses used in avoiding mission involvement, and obstacles and personal fears that hinder Christians from mission involvement.
  • Embrace the right motivations in mission involvement.
7pm | Chapel Hall
Peter Pang
Mission beyond seminary education

In this post-pandemic era, getting into global mission seems to be easier. Is seminary training a prerequisite for cross-cultural ministry? Would having some ‘field experience’ orientate someone interested in biblical training? What might be some of the theological considerations for prospective mission workers/ global partners? This workshop will explore some scenarios and possibilities.

Monday, 1 May

Chapel Hall
Leaders' Meeting

We invite all ministry leaders, life group leaders, elders, pastors, previous and current global partners and spouses to join us. This is a face-to-face meeting in church and will be facilitated by Sam Reeve. We will be looking at “Humble Mission in a Changing World” from John 13:1-17. Please bring your own dinner.

Wednesday, 3 May

Prayer Night by Life Groups

This event is dedicated to praying specifically for our global partners and is facilitated within each life group.

  • Every Life Group is encouraged to gather within their group via zoom meeting or physically and pray for our Global Partners.
  • Prayer and praise points will be sent to the Life Group leaders to share within their group.
  • Life Groups are encouraged to invite their adopted Global Partner to join them in the meeting.

If you are not yet in a life group but would like to participate, join a life group today.

Thursday, 4 May

Pastor Lou's Home
Global Partners' Stories
Corporate Prayer Meeting

In the morning, come and hear of God’s faithfulness through the challenges and joys of ministry and service. This event will be held at Pastor Lou and Gail Di Lorenzo’s home at 67 Maxine Drive, St Helena, VIC 3088. It will be a potluck luncheon, so please BYO food to share.

And in the evening, join ourweekly prayer meeting for our Global Partners. This event is in addition to the Wednesday GMC prayer meeting by Life Group. Everyone is encouraged to join. Please email pray4ourgp@gmail.com for zoom link.

Saturday, 6 May


We invite all youth (C4Youth), students (STEP), young adults (Cultivate) and Mandarin Christian Fellowship to join Ignite (previously Montage). Everyone else is invited too! Come for the session and listen to the message followed by discussions. Be challenged and respond to God’s call in this Convention theme of Mission Beyond Barriers. The speaker will speak on “Purposeful Mission” from Acts 8:26-40.

RSVP via Facebook

Sunday, 7 May

10am (English)
Generous Mission (2 Corinthians 9:6-15)
10.45am (中文崇拜)
慷慨的使命 (哥林多后书9:6~15)
5.30pm (English)
Joyful Mission (Revelation 7:9-17)
After services
Chapel Hall
Missions Fair

After the morning and evening services, join us at Chapel Hall and Bluestone. You will have the opportunity to talk with 14+ mission agencies and explore what God is doing and how you can be a part of His great work.

How can you respond?

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GMC Response Form

If you have attended any of our GP consultation sessions – whether in church or via Zoom – during this year’s Convention, we would like to hear your feedback. We hope that with your feedback, we will be able to provide even more relevant topics and discussions in future GMCs.

GP Workshop Feedback Form

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