Evangelism explosion. Bridge to life. Two ways to live. Christianity Explained. Many evangelism methods have been devised to help Christians share the gospel effective. All of them have been used by God to save many people. However, in the increasingly secular Melbournian context, it is possible that the traditional evangelism methods fail to resonate with people with postmodern (or post-postmodern) and pluralistic worldviews. No longer do people assume that there is one true and living God. No longer do people understand ‘sin’ as rebellion against that one God. Some even do not grow up with any understanding of the word ‘sin’ at all. Instead of being ultimately accountable to God, the world now encourages people to pursue their dreams with whatever means they can find.

In Acts 14:8-18, we read Paul’s message to the people at Lystra. His message is very different from the one he preached to the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch. The people at Lystra were gentiles and were not familiar with Old Testament nor the notion of the one living God. They were idol worshippers and they used their idols to pursue whatever their aspirations were. So, we can learn a thing or two from Paul’s proclamation at Lystra in the way we share the good news in 21st century Melbourne. Similar to Romans 1:18-25, Paul talked about sin not in the category of rebellions against God, but in terms of idolatry and ignoring God. Paul urged the people to turn from vain things to the living God. Perhaps, we can learn to do the same too today.