I love food. Almost everybody I know loves food, except maybe… my wife. She does not eat that much. When we were going out, I often ate whatever she could not finish. I know… that explains a lot, but I digress. Although I love food all my life, my observation tells me that we have never been consumed by food like we are today. At least, it is true for Melbourne. Food is just everywhere. We seem to take pictures of our food more than our family or friends.

That’s why a conversation about fasting is something that can be very foreign to us today. However, I would say that it makes it all the more important for us as Christians to seriously think and talk about fasting, especially when the Bible talks a lot about it. When people in the Bible repented of their sins, at times they expressed their genuineness through fasting. When they wanted to turn back to God wholeheartedly, it often was accompanied by fasting and prayer. When they wanted to seek God’s guidance or will under certain circumstances, they fasted. At the very least, fasting, when done rightly, increased our spiritual sensitivity toward God and His plan. We would miss out, I believe, if we didn’t seriously consider incorporating fasting into our spiritual disciplines. So, let the conversation begin!