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This is probably not the type of Easter you were expecting. You may have been expecting to go away over the Easter break for a relaxing holiday by the sea. You may have been expecting to be catching up with friends and family around mountains of food and festivities. Instead, we’re stuck at home, staring at a screen, unable to do these things we may have looked forward to. It might leave you feeling a bit flat and disappointed!

However, this period has helped me recalibrate what I consider to be essential in life. For example, one of the things we used to look forward to every week was getting a bubble tea before Life Group on Thursday nights. That bubble tea was a non-negotiable for me – something I really looked forward to every week! However, social isolation has taught me that I can actually go without these things which I previously thought essential. It’s also helped me appreciate the simple joys of a walk, a phone call and a home.

I encourage you to read Ephesians 1. Paul reminds us there that in Christ we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. This is the same Paul who was persecuted, beaten and imprisoned countless times for his faith. Our blessings in the Gospel remind us that regardless of our current situation, we have already received everything through Christ’s death and resurrection – a new family (v5), freedom and forgiveness (v7), a future inheritance (v11), and the Holy Spirit (v13). That’s what we celebrate this Easter. Anything else we receive in this life is icing on the cake!

Even though this Easter may not be what you expected it to be, we can still celebrate and rejoice in this season, albeit in a slightly different way :)