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Can we baptise infants? Or do we only baptise adult believers? Should we follow a certain liturgy at our church service? Or should we organise our service more fluidly and with more variety? Can we sing contemporary songs at church? Or should we only sing hymns? Should we observe communion every week? Or is it ok to do it once a quarter? Should the pastor wear formal priestly robe while preaching? Or is it ok for a pastor to wear shirt and jeans on the stage?

Different Christian groups have different practices and traditions. That’s why there are different denominations in Christianity. Each of them differs in their convictions regarding many of the issues above. However, that does not mean Christians are disunited. We respect our differences because what unites us is the gospel of Jesus Christ. With regards to the essentials, such as the gospel, the Lordship and deity of Christ, the Trinity, and salvation, Christians are of the same mind. However, with regards to the non-essentials, the Bible gives room for differing convictions, as long as they are not sin and they are done with the intention of bringing glory to God.