We want to cultivate a culture of discipleship in CrossCulture.

We want to encourage a culture where it is simply normal for members, out of love for Christ and one another, to take the initiative to build relationships with other members with the deliberate aim of doing them spiritual good.  We want to see a culture where members don’t have to sign up for anything or get any special permission before they can begin to love one another in this biblical way.  We hope and pray for a culture where member-initiative, rather than a staff-sustained effort, keeps these deliberate, loving relationships going.  In short, we want CrossCulture to have the culture of a biblically healthy church!

Here are some ideas on how you can get involved:

Pray that God will work in you a Christ-like humble and gentle heart for others.  It starts with our hearts.  What we do and say flow from our hearts.

Invite for coffee or dinner someone whom you think might be interested to follow Jesus better.  Get to know him or her and trust for God to work through you.

Ask someone whom you look up to as a Christian model if you could meet up regularly to learn from him or her, under the authority of the Word.

Be deliberate in reading the Bible and praying with each other in life groups, and urging and spurring one another on to love and good works, bearing with one another.

Talk to your life group leader, a pastor, or us.  Share your prayer points and your discipleship experience. We’d love to hear your stories and help you.

Read a book that you can pick up from the church bookstall; they are easy to read, either by yourself, with someone, or with a small group of people.  Rediscover the joy of reading!