Different Life, Same Christmas | Celebrate at CrossCulture

20 Dec

Christmas Carol Service
9am > Auditorium
10am > Online
11am > Mandarin

24 Dec

Christmas Eve Service
7pm > Online

25 Dec

Christmas Day Service
9am > Auditorium / Online

27 Dec

End-of-year Service
9am > Auditorium
10am > Online
11am > Mandarin

31 Dec

New Year’s Eve Service
7pm > Online via Zoom
Meeting ID: 815 3400 7748
Passcode: New Year

Celebrate Christmas with CrossCulture

You’re invited to our Christmas celebrations!

We know that life has looked very different this 2020. Many of us have gone through a really tough year. And as we look forward to remembering the coming of our saviour to earth, we are reminded that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. That’s why our Christmas theme this year is this: “Different life, Same Christmas.”

We look forward to celebrating together with you, whether in-person or online. Invite your friends and family along too!

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Each year, during December, we take a special offering for those in need. This year, your contribution will go towards

  • Mercy Ministry, who support Asylum Seekers in Melbourne
  • Street Family Chapel who support homeless people in Melbourne
  • Churches of Christ Overseas Aid (COCOA). They do relief and development work in various countries.

You can give online anytime from now until Christmas.

Give to our Special Christmas Love Offering