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It’s a cliché that we’re in uncharted waters, but it’s true. But we know Who’s steering the ship, and there are no safer and more loving hands. It’s a great comfort to know that God is our refuge and strength (Psalm 46:1).

How can we care well for others at this time?

Protect them – by acting wisely to help contain the spread of this disease. The implications of not doing this are unthinkable, so let’s do all we can to help so our hospital system can work well and doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Love them – there are many ways in which we can reach out to others in our community and beyond, especially those who are vulnerable like the elderly, those who are unwell, the isolated. Let’s think through our known contacts – family, neighbours, friends, colleagues and reach out to those who might be doing it tough.

Pray for them – everyone needs God’s help and love at times like this. Let’s keep praying for our leaders, medical personnel, the sick and the grieving, that they might know God as their refuge and strength too.